Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm not blogging much...

.. at the moment.
Had you noticed?

I think there's alot to it. I am looking for work, but I'm also being picky. I value that working part-time has provided MANY opportunities to hang out with The Chief. I can op shop and craft to my heart's content, without too much fatigue. However, on the money front, it's not so great. Particularly with all that op shopping. 

Co-habitation is at the top of the priority list right now. I don't want to let the team down financially, so the job thing has to be done. Things are tense with my family. The Maternal Unit is unhappy at work, and stressed, and seems to enjoy taking it out on me. The Paternal Unit is as he always is. 

The birthday felt like a massive anticlimax on the family front. My brother called, which was nice. I was very very spoiled by NitaJane though, and it was just lovely.

Op-shopping and Wombling (for hard rubbish) has been productive. New cookie jar, several new chairs, heaps of art supplies. Very inspiring vintage collector cards and prints and books.

I signed up to take a short course with the women's circus, and so am launching into a healthy eating with potential weightloss regime. Basically meaning stop eating pizza, though Loui & Franko are ace, and cut back on V, even though I get the sugar free one.

Mum got stopped in the supermarket today by a kid I taught in 07-08, asking how I was. I thought that was really sweet. Especially since he is a blooming little muzz-tech who was always striving to be too cool for school. He's a good kid, that one. I'd like to think I had some hand in that.

Popped into Pip's shop and talked to her and her hubby about taking NitaJane to High Tea at the Windsor. Was way too embarrassed to introduce myself though. I think it's something I need to work on. I used to be mega confident and outgoing. Now, not so much.

In other words, it's been busy times, it's been stressful times. I try to keep positive goodness on this blog, and haven't felt inspired to share anything till now. Sorry.

Will try better.
I promise.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pip's Game

Pip started this over at Meet Me At Mike's.
I am feeling a bit down and blah and uninspired lately, and haven't blogged. Hoping this will get me back into the swing of things!

Making : pyjama pants; birthday cakes; birthday presents; whoopee
Cooking : birthday cakes

Drinking : water, LLB

Reading: just finished 1788. About to start on some old fashioned chick-lit

Wanting: time. space. inspiration.

Looking: through photos, trying to choose prints for my sis' birthday gift

Playing: sea shanties

Wasting: time jumping through centrelink hoops

Sewing: pyjama pants

Wishing: I had the time and the money

Enjoying: my relationship; sewing; travelling

Waiting: to co-habit
Liking: my new grandpa vest; cookie jars; thermos'

Wondering: about stuff

Loving: massive birthday spoils

Hoping: for more massive birthday spoils
Marvelling: at people. good. bad. ugly.
Needing: more hours in the day

Smelling: lamb shanks in the slow cooker

Wearing: awesome sailor style pants, most comfortable boots ever, warm salvos jumper

Following: peeps on twitter, rafters

Noticing: that it's lighter later

Knowing: that there is an end point for the tough stuff

Thinking: alot about those passed

Feeling: furklempt

Bookmarking: so many places: craft, bloggy shopping goodness

Opening: deliveries from ebay/etsy (hello gocco!)
Giggling: @ that pesky pop up squirrel photo bomber
Feeling: still furklempt

So that's where I'm at.. 
Have had some awesome oppy finds, house stuff and clothes, and was whisked away to Tassie for a glorious birthday weekend adventure...

And I take great pleasure in saying that I got soaking wet at the swollen gorge on the weekend...

(feel free to copy the list and repost.. credit where it's due.. backlink to here)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what am i?

this is the question that was posed to me during a tweet-conversation recently.

what am i?

i am an ex-teacher. i am a woman. i am an aspiring small business owner. i am a photographer. i am a teacher's aide. i am a friend to some and potential friend to many. i am an audiophile. i am an artist. i am a partner. i am a lover. i am a nerd. i am an op-shopper. i am a marketeer (not to be confused with musketeer... it's each for their own in market-land!) i am a consumer. i am a producer. 

i am me.

who are you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping Fun

I spend quite a bit of time of late shopping. Op Shopping, Market Shopping, Crafty-type Shopping. I've scored many, many great find over the time, including my bike, Sally, Clive and my fabulous typewriter. I thought I might let you, gentle reader, in on my shopping secrets. Hopefully, in return, you will share some of yours.

2 Mason st, Newport.
Open Monday - Saturday

I visit Vinnies in Newport. They are great for furniture and books. They have a varying range of clothing, though a lot of older-people style of clothes. Their range of knick-knacks is so-so, but they have some great patterns, a selection of knitting needles, and on the odd occasion, piles of crafting supplies. One time I bought about 10 rubber stamps and 10 different colour, good quality, still sealed stamp pads for about $15. I also got these goodies at this Vinnies.

Challis Street Neighbourhood House
Challis Street, Newport
Open Monday - Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Jasmine runs this place. She is fantastic. As is the op-shop. In an old, slightly run-down house, each room dedicated to groups of clothing. The front room is ladies' jackets, coats, pants and dresses, the next room; ladies tops, tshirts and jumpers. Across the hall you will find tables piled high with toddlers and kids' clothes, linen and blankets. Opposite the kitchen, you will find men's shirts, jackets, jumpers and tees. Out the back, in the shed, every available surface, and a large amount of floor is covered with crockery, cutlery, records, vases, pots, tupperware and plastics, books, and framed pictures. Jasmine's prices are cheap, the reception is always friendly, and you can have a good yarn with whoever is in the shop when you visit.

Kororoit Creek rd, Newport
Open Monday - Saturday

There is a lady who work here and has done for ages. She is really nice and friendly. Most of the staff here are. As with many Salvos' stores lately, they're starting to get a bit more expensive, but have a very good range. Lots of brand-name clothes here, particularly jeans. They have a variety of crockery and knick-knacks, some linen, and some pretty good furniture. As always, you have to have a lucky day with things like this, but quite often at the Salvos, you do!

Laverton Trash & Treasure Market
8 - 18 Leakes Road, Laverton
Open Saturdays and Sundays
Entry: $1.00 per person

Where to begin? Well, we begin most Saturdays, generally aiming arrival for 10, to coincide with the opening of the donut shop. Imagine your dad/uncle cleaned out their shed. Their shed that has been accumulating stuff for the last 25 years. Then they collected everything that was in there and put it on a tarp on the ground. Multiply that by about 6o, add a few dodgy blokes with KMart goods and big trucks, a healthy mix of pirated jewellery, DVDs and some questionable folks, and there you have the joy that is Laverton Market. Saturdays are bigger and better. Bargaining is mandatory. And the hot jam donuts rival those at Footscray station.

Coburg Trash & Treasure Market
Newlands Road, Coburg
Open Sundays
Entry: $1.10 per person

New on the radar, Coburg market is quite similar to Laverton, on a smaller scale, and with a variety of stall-holders expectations of prices. Many of them think that they are at Camberwell market. Others, I have had give me things for free. This market has lots of garage salers, tools, veggies and plants and you can score some good records, clothes and books too.

Value Savers
Somewhere on St George's Rd, almost as far down as Bell St.
Open every day I think. Maybe not Sundays.

A little bit pricey, but some good bargains to be found. I bought my current favourite jacket here for $9. They have some cool linen and crockery, some knick-knacks, and loads and loads of clothes. Colour-sorted too, so bonus points for those of you out there who are, like me, just a lil bit OCD. They also have a decent selection of books, records and kids toys.
Open 24/7

Okay, this one requires dedication. This is a check every few hours deal, but you can score some great stuff. I got my typewriter from a guy on gumtree, but I have seen everything from pets, clothes, fruit trees, pianos, furniture, entire kitchens, garden boulders, poultry. You name it, you'll probably find it on here. Lots of foreign students getting rid of their ikea before going home. But the occasional score, if you're prepared to keep an eye on the site, and drive out to the middle of nowhere to pic stuff up. I did score 6 rolls of film for nothing, but sent the guy an express post envelope cause he was too far away. No big dramas, and with those costs, the film was still cheaper than I could have bought it!

:: I'm Coveting :: v2.0

So Pip started this game last week over here, and I decided, in honour of my impending birthday, and a lil bit of play money I am soon to have, I have been checking out loads of stuff online, and hereby present my Covet List, aka If-You-Wanna-Know-What-I-Want-For-My-Birthday-Look-Here list.

A sewing mannequin. I have been sewing some, and am planning to sew some more, particularly now that Sally has come along. I think having this in my space will be motivating. Also I could use it for all kinds of display stuff when I am not sewing. The Chief used to have
 one, but I think my sister has it. A vintage one would be awesome.

A gocco printing press. What is gocco? You can find out here, here and here. I want one. No really. I really, really do. I have found a site to buy one from, and hopefully when the Tax Dept is done, I will be able to get one! Huzzah!!!

This necklace is awesome.

Polaroid film is totally floating my boat.

Season 6 of NCIS. Yes!!!

and Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. It's GOLD!!!

A copy of Pip's book, Meet Me At Mike's

A copy of 
or another book like it. This kind of crafting is what I like!

Also, Melbourne Design Guide, as seen here or you can buy it here. While you're in there, have a browse. It's an awesome, awesome bookshop.

I love lots and lots of other stuff too..  I do. Maybe you can share things you are lusting after?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sally the Sewing Machine

This is Sally. Sally is my new sewing machine. I scored Sally for the princely sum of $20 from a lovely guy at Laverton market on Saturday. (He was asking $35. Oh yes. I am the master!!) She is sweet, clean and runs like a dream. I am in the process of looking up all of her ins and outs, how to thread her up and use her in the best way.

I have started making my pyjamas and getting them ready for Evie & Mabel's launch, some time in late October. I am using repurposed op-shop sheets, that are smooth, soft cotton and some of them even have the quaint, faint smell of moth balls.

Suggestions are more than welcome. Colour combinations, custom orders, pocket ideas, or even just what you love best about your favourite PJs is what I need!!

In fact: Comment and tell me... 
What do you love most about your favourite PJs??