Tuesday, August 4, 2009

:: I'm Coveting :: v2.0

So Pip started this game last week over here, and I decided, in honour of my impending birthday, and a lil bit of play money I am soon to have, I have been checking out loads of stuff online, and hereby present my Covet List, aka If-You-Wanna-Know-What-I-Want-For-My-Birthday-Look-Here list.

A sewing mannequin. I have been sewing some, and am planning to sew some more, particularly now that Sally has come along. I think having this in my space will be motivating. Also I could use it for all kinds of display stuff when I am not sewing. The Chief used to have
 one, but I think my sister has it. A vintage one would be awesome.

A gocco printing press. What is gocco? You can find out here, here and here. I want one. No really. I really, really do. I have found a site to buy one from, and hopefully when the Tax Dept is done, I will be able to get one! Huzzah!!!

This necklace is awesome.

Polaroid film is totally floating my boat.

Season 6 of NCIS. Yes!!!

and Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. It's GOLD!!!

A copy of Pip's book, Meet Me At Mike's

A copy of 
or another book like it. This kind of crafting is what I like!

Also, Melbourne Design Guide, as seen here or you can buy it here. While you're in there, have a browse. It's an awesome, awesome bookshop.

I love lots and lots of other stuff too..  I do. Maybe you can share things you are lusting after?

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