Sunday, August 9, 2009

what am i?

this is the question that was posed to me during a tweet-conversation recently.

what am i?

i am an ex-teacher. i am a woman. i am an aspiring small business owner. i am a photographer. i am a teacher's aide. i am a friend to some and potential friend to many. i am an audiophile. i am an artist. i am a partner. i am a lover. i am a nerd. i am an op-shopper. i am a marketeer (not to be confused with musketeer... it's each for their own in market-land!) i am a consumer. i am a producer. 

i am me.

who are you?


  1. Who am I?
    I am a thinker, a lover, a daughter, sister, friend. I am a supporter, a crafter, a paper-card-lover. I am a musical afficionado. I am a singer, guitar-player-wannabe-songwriter. I am a writer and teller of appalling jokes. I am a boss, I am a worker. I am a person who loves wholly. I am a social introvet. I am a lazy sunday kind of girl. I am a historian who likes thinking about philosophies. I am most comfortable at university. I am changing. I am holding on to all that is solid in Me.

  2. I can't be summed up! ;)

    I love the fact that people are always growing, changing, morphing, learning and dream chasing!

    While I am "mostly a mom" right now, I am still a writer, a dancer, computer geek, change advocate, bookworm and a million other chameleon forms depending on my mood and the occasion.

    Still, integrity means something, right? There is a part of ourselves that we must be true to, some forms we won't take on...

    We need support from each other to preserve that piece - especially as mothers who constantly give and often sacrifice themselves in the process!

    My blog is my way of tracking this journey of defining who I am and finding inspiration in others. Come over and offer your support. We all need it!