Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pip's Game

Pip started this over at Meet Me At Mike's.
I am feeling a bit down and blah and uninspired lately, and haven't blogged. Hoping this will get me back into the swing of things!

Making : pyjama pants; birthday cakes; birthday presents; whoopee
Cooking : birthday cakes

Drinking : water, LLB

Reading: just finished 1788. About to start on some old fashioned chick-lit

Wanting: time. space. inspiration.

Looking: through photos, trying to choose prints for my sis' birthday gift

Playing: sea shanties

Wasting: time jumping through centrelink hoops

Sewing: pyjama pants

Wishing: I had the time and the money

Enjoying: my relationship; sewing; travelling

Waiting: to co-habit
Liking: my new grandpa vest; cookie jars; thermos'

Wondering: about stuff

Loving: massive birthday spoils

Hoping: for more massive birthday spoils
Marvelling: at people. good. bad. ugly.
Needing: more hours in the day

Smelling: lamb shanks in the slow cooker

Wearing: awesome sailor style pants, most comfortable boots ever, warm salvos jumper

Following: peeps on twitter, rafters

Noticing: that it's lighter later

Knowing: that there is an end point for the tough stuff

Thinking: alot about those passed

Feeling: furklempt

Bookmarking: so many places: craft, bloggy shopping goodness

Opening: deliveries from ebay/etsy (hello gocco!)
Giggling: @ that pesky pop up squirrel photo bomber
Feeling: still furklempt

So that's where I'm at.. 
Have had some awesome oppy finds, house stuff and clothes, and was whisked away to Tassie for a glorious birthday weekend adventure...

And I take great pleasure in saying that I got soaking wet at the swollen gorge on the weekend...

(feel free to copy the list and repost.. credit where it's due.. backlink to here)

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