Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm not blogging much...

.. at the moment.
Had you noticed?

I think there's alot to it. I am looking for work, but I'm also being picky. I value that working part-time has provided MANY opportunities to hang out with The Chief. I can op shop and craft to my heart's content, without too much fatigue. However, on the money front, it's not so great. Particularly with all that op shopping. 

Co-habitation is at the top of the priority list right now. I don't want to let the team down financially, so the job thing has to be done. Things are tense with my family. The Maternal Unit is unhappy at work, and stressed, and seems to enjoy taking it out on me. The Paternal Unit is as he always is. 

The birthday felt like a massive anticlimax on the family front. My brother called, which was nice. I was very very spoiled by NitaJane though, and it was just lovely.

Op-shopping and Wombling (for hard rubbish) has been productive. New cookie jar, several new chairs, heaps of art supplies. Very inspiring vintage collector cards and prints and books.

I signed up to take a short course with the women's circus, and so am launching into a healthy eating with potential weightloss regime. Basically meaning stop eating pizza, though Loui & Franko are ace, and cut back on V, even though I get the sugar free one.

Mum got stopped in the supermarket today by a kid I taught in 07-08, asking how I was. I thought that was really sweet. Especially since he is a blooming little muzz-tech who was always striving to be too cool for school. He's a good kid, that one. I'd like to think I had some hand in that.

Popped into Pip's shop and talked to her and her hubby about taking NitaJane to High Tea at the Windsor. Was way too embarrassed to introduce myself though. I think it's something I need to work on. I used to be mega confident and outgoing. Now, not so much.

In other words, it's been busy times, it's been stressful times. I try to keep positive goodness on this blog, and haven't felt inspired to share anything till now. Sorry.

Will try better.
I promise.


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  1. oh, i was looking for some sewing mannequins on the internet and i found your blog by accident, i loved your post. i want one tooo so badly, you have a very nice blog here :)