Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Stuff

I'm back!
That's right! 

I have had some time away, and have been searching for work. So far nothing has turned up, but it has meant I have loads of time on my hands (aside from my centrelink commitments) to get up to all kinds of mischief!!

I have been making alot of cool camera stuff, results of which will soon be here. Projects that are currently underway are as follows:

- DIY redscale film. I bought a pile of film - it's super cheap at South Preston IGA, and followed information from my new favourite webby,, to respool it back to front to make redscale film. I have shot off a roll and a half of this film with my lomo, and have bought some new batteries for my old SLR, so looking forward to getting started with that!

- DIY macro lens. Playing with instructables again. Using an empty can of V, a camera body cap, an old lens from a Vinnies camera, a hot glue gun, a soldering iron, tape and my wily Macgyver-y skills, I have fashioned a kind of macro lens that I can use on both my old film SLR and my newer DSLR, which is exciting. That one will follow soon!

- Kaleidoscope Cam. In the theme of playing with shit to make cool camera stuff, I bought a $4 kaleidoscope from the local cheap shop (thank you Twin Y at Northcote Plaza!) I am going to take the beads and translucent glass out of the end and see if I can't take some photos kaleidostyle!!

Results will be up as soon as I can afford film developing and scanning...


and welcome back to Evie & Mabel!