Monday, August 3, 2009

Sally the Sewing Machine

This is Sally. Sally is my new sewing machine. I scored Sally for the princely sum of $20 from a lovely guy at Laverton market on Saturday. (He was asking $35. Oh yes. I am the master!!) She is sweet, clean and runs like a dream. I am in the process of looking up all of her ins and outs, how to thread her up and use her in the best way.

I have started making my pyjamas and getting them ready for Evie & Mabel's launch, some time in late October. I am using repurposed op-shop sheets, that are smooth, soft cotton and some of them even have the quaint, faint smell of moth balls.

Suggestions are more than welcome. Colour combinations, custom orders, pocket ideas, or even just what you love best about your favourite PJs is what I need!!

In fact: Comment and tell me... 
What do you love most about your favourite PJs??

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