Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Malvern Star-Cycle

One of my current projects, making this gorgeous Malvern Star roadworthy and spiffy while I'm at it!!!

She's just beautiful.. I started this project knowing very little about the mechanics of a bike, beyond 'if you turn the pedals, the wheels will make you go'. I did some research online, spent a little bit of money (not alot.. cause I don't have it!)

I bought some new tyres and inner tubes from KMart. I had always asked my Dad to fix punctures before, so didn't really know where to begin. Using a tyre tool, I was able to remove the old very, very well worn tyres, and decaying innertubes, and replace them with shiny new ones.

I took to the chrome work with some good old-fashioned jex and elbow grease, which brought up a fabulous shine. I followed this up with some cut and polish on the body work. 

I have bought some bright red rust-proof & repellent paint and have set about painting up the spokes and mudguard.

I have bought a new chain, but am yet to find any kind of instructions that I can actually follow. It's a bit tricky because of the gears, so if you know someone who can do it, please, please let me know! 

The brakes need a slight adjustment and then she is ready to go!

I think the best thing about the whole thing, is that I feel such a sense of achievement. I have done all the researching, found the money to do it, though I am going through a particularly frugal stage right now, and am making a proactive move towards environmentally sustainable transport, and getting some independence while I am car-less.

Go me!


  1. Your wheels are hot. Have you proposed a name for the new vehicle?

  2. Not as yet..
    Any suggestions?
    I was thinking of Stella, but then that is the name of my sewing kit...