Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Oh, Brother!"

I say this much in the same vein as the cleaning lady said, "Oh, Mr Hart, what a mess!!" 

I found myself a typewriter! A Brother 210 portable typewriter, to be precise, and boy is she a beauty!

In great nick, she was retrieved from someone's shed. I bought her for a princely sum of $5 from a lovely lady named Colleen on ebay. My new typewriter is a gloriously shiny and unblemished white finished metal. She comes with a solid black cover, a full set of alpha-numerical keys, and the promise of many hours cursing the bruised tips of my fingers.

It is with pleasure that I recall the first sentence she produced since coming to my home:
'"Hooray!" they all shouted. It was finally time for the princess to be freed.'

*happy sigh*

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